How to: Migrate a Partial History Using Archives in Visual SourceSafe

If you are migrating sources from Visual SourceSafe to Team Foundation source control and do not want to migrate all of the history stored in Visual SourceSafe, you can migrate the history after a specific date using the archive feature in Visual SourceSafe.


Using this method permanently removes the version history from the Visual SourceSafe database, so you should perform the archive on a copy of the database.


The Visual SourceSafe archive has a 2 GB limitation on the size of the archive file. If you get an error, archive smaller folders separately.

Required Permissions

To perform this procedure, you must have administrative permissions for the Visual SourceSafe database that you will migrate. For more information, see How to: Assign Project Rights.

You must also be a member of the Team Foundation Administrators group on Team Foundation Server. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

You must also be a member of the sysadmin server role for SQL Express. By default, you are a member of the sysadmin server role if you are a member of the Administrators security group on the computer where SQL Express is installed. For more information, see "sysadmin" ( in the SQL Server 2005 documentation.

To migrate a partial history using archive in Visual SourceSafe

  1. Copy your Visual SourceSafe database on the machine where you are going to perform the migration.

  2. Use the archive functionality in Visual SourceSafe to remove the version history earlier than your desired time stamp. To determine the time stamp, you can use one of the following methods:

    • Label

    • Version of a folder

    • Date

    For more information about archiving in Visual SourceSafe, see Visual SourceSafe Archive Databases.

  3. Complete the migration using the copy of the Visual SourceSafe database for which you have archived the history.

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