How to: Edit the Source Control Migration User Mapping File

The analysis phase generates a user map file. This file consists of all Visual SourceSafe users who have performed any source control operation on the folders under migration. You can use this file to map Visual SourceSafe users to Team Foundation users. If you do not map users, the converter uses the name of the Visual SourceSafe user in Team Foundation source control.

To customize the user mapping file

  1. In the folder where you ran analysis, at the command prompt, type notepad usermap.xml, and then press Enter.

    The following XML file appears:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <UserMap From="Admin" To=""></UserMap>
    <UserMap From="guest" To=""></UserMap> 
    <UserMap From="Jane" To=""></UserMap>
    <UserMap From="Mike" To=""></UserMap>
  2. For each Visual SourceSafe username you want to map, add a valid Windows user name or Team Foundation Server user name in ‘To’ field, as shown in this example:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <UserMap From="Admin" To="MYDOMAIN\Jennifer"></UserMap>
    <UserMap From="guest" To="TestAlias1"></UserMap> 
    <UserMap From="Jane" To="Jane"></UserMap>
    <UserMap From="Mike" To=""></UserMap>

    If you provide a user name mapping similar to <UserMap From="Mike" To=""></UserMap> where "Mike" is a valid Windows user name, Team Foundation maps "Mike" to "MYDOMAIN\Mike," where MYDOMAIN is the default domain. If you provide no mapping for valid Windows user "Mike", Team Foundation also maps "Mike" to "MYDOMAIN\Mike." However if "Mike" is not a valid user then Team Foundation maps "Mike" to "Mike," and "Mike" is not a valid user in Team Foundation.


    Assign the Visual SourceSafe "guest" account to a Windows user account or Team Foundation user, if you can, to avoid losing a record of versioning actions performed on behalf of the guest user.

  3. Save your changes and close Notepad.

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