Status Command (TFSAdminUtil)

Use Status to display the status information of a specified service account on Team Foundation Server.

Required Permissions

To use the Status command, you must be a member of the Team Foundation Administrators group on the Team Foundation application-tier server and a member of the sysadmin group on the SQL Server on the Team Foundation data-tier server. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.

TFSAdminUtil Status account


Argument Description


Name of the account. Must be in domain\user format, for example mylocation\tfssvc.


Important   We recommend that you back up the databases on the Team Foundation Server data tier server.


The following example displays the status output for what resources are running under the "myLocation\tfssvc" service account.

>TfsAdminUtil.exe status myLocation\tfssvc

Sample output:

LoginName            SID
MYLOCATION\TFSSVC    S-1-5-21-2127521184-1604012920-1887927527-2435684

DBName                            UserName          UserOrAlias
STS_Config                       db_owner           MemberOf
STS_Config                       MYLOCATION\TFSSVC  User
STS_VSE2017_1                    db_owner           MemberOf
STS_VSE2017_1                    dbo                User
TfsActivityLogging               MYLOCATION\TFSSVC  User
TfsActivityLogging               TFSEXECROLE        MemberOf
TfsBuild                         MYLOCATION\TFSSVC  User
TfsBuild                         TFSEXECROLE        MemberOf
TfsIntegration                   MYLOCATION\TFSSVC  User
TfsIntegration                   TFSEXECROLE        MemberOf
TfsVersionControl                MYLOCATION\TFSSVC  User
TfsVersionControl                TFSEXECROLE        MemberOf
TFSWarehouse                     MYLOCATION\TFSSVC  User
TFSWarehouse                     TFSEXECROLE        MemberOf
TfsWorkItemTracking              MYLOCATION\TFSSVC  User
TfsWorkItemTracking              TFSEXECROLE        MemberOf
TfsWorkItemTrackingAttachments   MYLOCATION\TFSSVC  User
TfsWorkItemTrackingAttachments   TFSEXECROLE        MemberOf

Account status on application tier (IIS application pools): MyServiceAccountComputer.
3 app pool(s) are running under given account: myLocation\tfssvc.

Name           Status
TFS AppPool    Running
TFWSSc86e      Running
WSSc86eAdm     Running

Account status on application tier (Windows services): MyServiceAccountComputer.
3 Windows service(s) are runing under given account: myLocation\tfssvc.

Name                  DisplayName                       Status
SPTimer               SharePoint Timer Service          Running
coveran               Code Coverage Analysis Service    Stopped
TFSServerScheduler    TFSServerScheduler                Running

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