How to: Change the Trace Output Directory for Team Foundation Server Components

You can change the output directory for Team Foundation Server component trace files by editing the Web.Config file for that component.

Required Permissions

To perform this procedure, you must be a member of the Administrators group on the Team Foundation application-tier server. For more information, see Team Foundation Server Permissions.


Do not use the ASP.NET tab of the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager (inetmgr) to edit a Web.Config file. If you use this tab, an attribute is added to the <configuration> element of the Web.Config file. This attribute interferes with normal functioning.

To change the trace output directory for a Team Foundation Server component

  1. On the application-tier server for Team Foundation, locate the installation directory for the application tier.

  2. Open the Web Services folder.

  3. Open the Web.Config file in a text or XML editor.

  4. In the Web.Config file, locate the <add key="traceDirectoryName"> element.

  5. Update the <add key="traceDirectoryName"> element by replacing the default location with the directory path where the trace log files are to be stored. For example, type the following string:

    <add key="traceDirectoryName" value="C:\TraceFilesFolder" />
  6. Save and close the Web.config file.

    You must close and restart the Web services application for Team Foundation before your changes will take effect.

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