onexpand Event

Fires on the tree when a collapsed tree node is expanded.


Inline HTML <TREEVIEW onexpand = "handler" ... > All platforms
Event property TREEVIEW.onexpand = handler Microsoft JScript only
TREEVIEW.onexpand = GetRef("handler") Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript) 5.0 or later only
Named script <SCRIPT FOR = TREEVIEW EVENT = onexpand> Internet Explorer only

Event Information

Bubbles No
Cancels Yes
To invoke Click a collapsed tree node.
Default action Calls the associated event handler if there is one.

Event Object Properties

Although event handlers in the DHTML Object Model do not receive parameters directly, a handler can query the rid not found (_inet_event_Object). object for the following event properties.

Available Properties


Refer to the specific event object for additional event properties.

Applies To


See Also

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