SHOWTOOLTIP Attribute | showToolTip Property

Sets or retrieves a Boolean that indicates whether to show a default ToolTip for each child node.


HTML <namespace:TREEVIEW SHOWTOOLTIP = bValue... >
Scripting TREEVIEW.showToolTip [ = bValue ]

Possible Values

namespace Prefix that associates a custom tag with an XML namespace. This prefix is set using the XMLNS attribute of the html tag.
bValue Boolean that specifies or receives a value that indicates whether to show a default ToolTip for each child node.
Default. Show the default ToolTip.
Do not show the default ToolTip. See remarks for more information.

The property is read/write. The property has a default value of true.


The default ToolTip, Use +/- to expand/collapse , appears over each child node when the mouse moves over it and the property is set to true on the parent TreeNode. This property is inherited by each child. Setting this property to false on a child TreeNode whose parent property is set to true, creates child nodes without the ToolTip.


This sample demonstrates that by setting showToolTip to true on a parent TreeNode, the default ToolTip appears when the mouse moves over the node.

 <?IMPORT NameSpace="myTree" Implementation=""/>


<myTree:TREEVIEW id="treeview1" systemimagespath="treeimages"
    selectexpands=true >
  <myTree:TREENODE SHOWTOOLTIP=true text="root1" expanded=true >
      <myTree:TREENODE text="document1" />
      <myTree:TREENODE text="folder1" >
           <myTree:TREENODE text="document2"  />
      <myTree:TREENODE text="document3" />
  <myTree:TREENODE text="root2" />

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