MULTIPAGE Element | MultiPage Object

Adds a MultiPage element behavior to the document.


HTML <namespace:MULTIPAGE ... >

Possible Values

namespace Prefix that associates a custom tag with an XML namespace. This prefix is set using the XMLNS attribute of the html tag.


Unlike the other Windows Internet Explorer WebControls, the MultiPage element behavior does not contain Literal Content. One result of this is that properties of child elements can be accessed directly. For more information on the literal content attribute , see PUBLIC:COMPONENT.

This element is a block element.

This element requires a closing tag.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the MultiPage object.

Property Description
numPages Retrieves a value that indicates the number of pages in the MultiPage element.
selectedIndex Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the index of the selected object.
Element Object Description
PAGEVIEW PageView Adds a PAGEVIEW element to a MULTIPAGE.
Event Description
onselectedindexchange Fires when selectedIndex changes for MULTIPAGE or TABSTRIP.
Method Description
createPageAt Creates a new PAGEVIEW element at the specified index.

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