TOOLBARCHECKGROUP Element | ToolbarCheckGroup Class

This class represents a ToolbarCheckGroup within a Toolbar.


Visual Basic  Public  Class ToolbarCheckGroup Inherits ToolbarItem
C# public   class ToolbarCheckGroup : ToolbarItem
Managed C++ public:  __gc class ToolbarCheckGroup :  public ToolbarItem
JScript public   class ToolbarCheckGroup extends ToolbarItem

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The TOOLBARCHECKGROUP represents a TOOLBARCHECKBUTTON grouping. It performs the work of mutually excluding the buttons.

By default, the first TOOLBARCHECKBUTTON within the group is selected. To override this default, set the FORCESELECTION attribute on the TOOLBARCHECKGROUP to false.

This element is a block element.

This element requires a closing tag.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the ToolbarCheckGroup object.

Attribute Property Description
AUTOPOSTBACK AutoPostBack Sets or retrieves a value that indicates whether or not the control posts back to the server each time a user interacts with the control.
FORCESELECTION ForceSelection Sets or retrieves a value that indicates whether at least one ToolbarCheckButton in a ToolbarCheckGroup must be selected.
HasUpLevelContent Retrieves a bool that indicates whether the child has uplevel content.
HOVERSTYLE HoverStyle Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the style of the element when the user hovers the keyboard focus or mouse pointer over it.
Items Retrieves the collection of items in the ToolbarCheckGroup.
SELECTEDCHECKBUTTON SelectedCheckButton Retrieves the currently selected ToolbarCheckButton.
SELECTEDSTYLE SelectedStyle Sets or retrieves a value that indicates the style for the selected element.
UpLevelTag The uplevel tag name for the object item.
Element Object Description
TOOLBARCHECKBUTTON ToolbarCheckButton This class represents a ToolbarCheckButton within a Toolbar.
Event Description
ButtonClick Fires when a ToolbarCheckButton or ToolbarButton is clicked.
CheckChange Fires when a ToolbarCheckButton element changes state.
Method Description
Clone Creates a new object that is a copy of the current instance.
DesignerContent Renders the item's content for the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Editor.
DownLevelContent Renders the item's contents for downlevel browsers.
LoadViewState Loads the item's previously saved view state.
OnButtonClick Calls the ButtonClick event handlers when the button is clicked.
OnCheckChange Fires when the checkbutton's state changes.
RenderDesignerPath Implements the rendering path for the Visual Studio .NET Editor.
RenderDownLevelPath Implements the downLevel rendering path in this method.
SaveViewState Saves changes to the item's view state to an object.
SetViewStateClean Sets all items within the StateBag to be clean.
SetViewStateDirty Sets all items within the StateBag to be dirty.
TrackViewState Instructs the control to track changes to its view state.
UpLevelContent Renders the item's contents for uplevel browsers.
WriteItemAttributes Renders the object item's attributes.

Class Information

Namespace Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls
Assembly Microsoft.Web.UI.WebControls.dll

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