oncontentsave Event

Fires just before the content of an element that is attached to an element behavior is saved or copied.


    EVENT = oncontentsave
    ONEVENT = sEventHandler
    FOR = element
    ID = sID


    Required. String that specifies the name of a Dynamic HTML (DHTML) event, or any of the events specific to the HTML Component (HTC) that are listed in the HTC Reference.
  • FOR
    Optional. String that specifies one of the following values to identify the source of the event.
    • document
      Refers to the document object.
    • element
      Default. Refers to the element to which the behavior is attached.
    • window
      Refers to the window object.
  • ID
    Optional. String that uniquely identifies the PUBLIC:ATTACH element within the component. This attribute is analogous to the ID attribute in DHTML.
    Required. String that specifies an inline script or a direct invocation of the event handler function.

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