:visited Pseudo-class

Sets the style of an a element when the link has been visited recently.


HTML [A]:visited { sRules }
Scripting N/A

Possible Values

sRules String that specifies one or more Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) attribute/value pairs.


The default value of the :visited pseudo-class is browser-specific. The time period used to define a recent visit also varies by browser.

The :visited pseudo-class is often with :active, :hover and :link, the pseudo-classes that affect the other states of a link.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 applies the value of the :link pseudo-class to the :visited pseudo-class.


The following style rule uses the :visited pseudo-class to set the color attribute of visited links in a document.

    A:visited { color:blue } 

Standards Information

This pseudo-class is defined in CSS, Level 1 (CSS1) World Wide Web link.

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