onshow Event

This topic documents a feature that is obsolete as of Windows Internet Explorer 7.

Obsolete. Fires when the Media Bar player becomes visible.


Event Property mediaBar.onshow = handler;
attachEvent mediaBar.attachEvent( "onshow", handler);
Named script <SCRIPT FOR = mediaBar EVENT = onshow>

Event Information

Bubbles No
Cancels No
To invoke
  • Click the Media button in the Internet Explorer toolbar to display the media player.
  • Select Explorer Bars from the View menu, and then click Media to display the media player.
  • Click a Media Bar behavior-targeted link in the main browser window.
  • Type the URL of a media file in the address bar.
Default action Initiates any action associated with this script.

Event Object Properties

Although event handlers in the DHTML Object Model do not receive parameters directly, a handler can query the event object for the following event properties.

Available Properties

srcElement Gets or sets the object that fired the event.

Refer to the specific event object for additional event properties.


As of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 on Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) or Internet Explorer 7, the mediaBar feature is obsolete and no longer available.

onshow was introduced in Internet Explorer 6.

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