IMessengerWindow::Height Property

Deprecated. Sets or retrieves the height of a Messenger window.


HRESULT IMessengerWindow::get_Height(LONG *plHeight);
HRESULT IMessengerWindow::put_Height(LONG lHeight);


  • plHeight
    Pointer to a LONG that receives the height of the Messenger window in pixels.
  • lHeight
    LONG that sets the height of the Messenger window in pixels.

Return Value

Returns one of the following values: 

S_OK Success.
RPC_X_NULL_REF_POINTER plHeight is a NULL pointer.
E_INVALIDARG Attempted to set window to zero or negative width.
E_FAIL Could not get window handle.
E_NOTIMPL Cannot be accessed through scripting.


If the Messenger window is closed (only available from the taskbar), not responding, or if the HWND could not be found, this method will fail.

Note  This property is not available for scripting languages.

Important  IMessengerWindow::Height is no longer available in Windows Vista. See Windows Messenger for more information.