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Version 3.0


Indexing Service is a base service for Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or later. Formerly known as Index Server, its original function was to index the content of Internet Information Services (IIS) Web servers. Indexing Service now creates indexed catalogs for the contents and properties of both file systems and virtual Webs.

Where Applicable

Indexing Service is available to applications and scripts for providing an efficient means of managing, querying, and indexing information in file systems or Web servers. Indexing Service also provides query mechanisms for efficiently accessing the information in the catalogs. The indexed information results from filtering the file systems and the Web servers using Microsoft-supplied filters and, optionally, custom-supplied filters. This documentation provides overview information, task guidance, and reference information for the programmatic use of Indexing Service.

Developer Audience

The information in this documentation for Indexing Service is relevant to administrators, application and script developers, and power users interested in content filtering. To use this documentation programming experience in the following areas is desirable:

  • Microsoft Visual C++®, Microsoft Visual Basic®, or Microsoft Visual J++® development systems; or Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), Microsoft JScript® development software, or ISAPI scripting.

  • Microsoft OLE DB and Internet Information Services.

Run-Time Requirements

To run Indexing Service requires Windows 2000 or later.

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