Dynamic Annotation

This section contains information about the Dynamic Annotation interfaces: IAccIdentity, IAccPropServer, and IAccPropServices.


The IAccIdentity interface is implemented by IAccessible objects and by most OLEACC proxies. This interface allows a client to obtain a string of bytes (an identity string) that uniquely identifies a particular accessible element. Other Dynamic Annotation methods use the identity string to refer to accessible elements. IAccIdentity::GetIdentityString is the only method in this interface.


The IAccPropServer callback interface is implemented by servers. It is passed to the annotation methods and is called back when a client requests the values of one of the properties being annotated. IAccPropServer::GetPropValue is the only method in this interface.


Implemented by the Active Accessibility run time, the IAccPropServices interface contains methods for annotating accessible elements and for manipulating identity strings.

The methods SetHwndProp, SetHwndPropStr, SetHwndPropServer, and ClearHwndProps wrap SetPropValue, SetPropServer, and ClearProps and provide a convenient method for annotating HWND-based objects.

For information about the Dynamic Annotation interfaces, see the following topics: