The joyGetDevCaps function queries a joystick to determine its capabilities.

MMRESULT joyGetDevCaps(
  UINT_PTR  uJoyID, 
  LPJOYCAPS pjc,    
  UINT      cbjc    



Identifier of the joystick to be queried. Valid values for uJoyID range from -1 to 15. A value of -1 enables retrieval of the szRegKey member of the JOYCAPS structure whether a device is present or not. For Windows NT 4.0, valid values are limited to zero (JOYSTICKID1) and JOYSTICKID2.


Pointer to a JOYCAPS structure to contain the capabilities of the joystick.


Size, in bytes, of the JOYCAPS structure.

Return Values

Returns JOYERR_NOERROR if successful or one of the following error values:

Value Description
MMSYSERR_NODRIVER The joystick driver is not present.
Windows NT/2000/XP: The specified joystick identifier is invalid.
MMSYSERR_INVALPARAM An invalid parameter was passed.
Windows 95/98/Me: The specified joystick identifier is invalid.


Use the joyGetNumDevs function to determine the number of joystick devices supported by the driver.

Windows NT/2000/XP: This method fails when passed an invalid value for the cbjc parameter.
Windows 95/98/Me: This method succeeds when passed an invalid value for the cbjc parameter.


**  Windows NT/2000/XP:** Included in Windows NT 3.1 and later.
**  Windows 95/98/Me:** Included in Windows 95 and later.
**  Header:** Declared in Mmsystem.h; include Windows.h.
**  Library:** Use Winmm.lib.
**  Unicode:** Implemented as Unicode and ANSI versions on Windows NT/2000/XP.

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