OLE DB Samples

The following OLE DB samples are available.

Rowset Viewer Sample

The Rowset Viewer sample provides a simple way to view and manipulate rowsets.

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Rowset Viewer sample

For information about building and running the Rowset Viewer sample, see Rowset Viewer Sample.

Table Copy Sample

The Table Copy sample demonstrates a simple consumer that reads data from one OLE DB rowset and saves it as a new table. The source files for the Table Copy sample are located in the SAMPLES\OLEDB\TABLECOPY directory.

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Table Copy sample

For information about building and running the Table Copy sample, see Table Copy Sample.

Sample Consumer

The sample consumer demonstrates how to build a simple client application that uses and consumes data from the sample provider. The source files for the Sample Consumer are located in the SAMPLES\oledb\sampclnt\ directory.

To build the sample consumer application, load the project file, sampclnt.vcproj, into the Visual C++ development environment and build it.

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Sample consumer

For information about building and running the sample consumer, see OLE DB Sample Consumer.

OLE DB Sample Provider

The OLE DB Sample Provider demonstrates the construction of a very simple OLE DB provider. This sample is intended as a learning tool for developers new to writing OLE DB providers. The sample provider exposes data in a single, comma-separated value file named CUSTOMER.CSV.

The source files are located in the SAMPLES\OLEDB\SAMPPROV\ directory.

To build the provider, load the project into the Microsoft Visual C++ development environment and build it.

ATL OLE DB Provider

OmniProv is an ATL OLE DB Provider sample that works with the Microsoft DataGrid Control 6.0 (OLE DB) and the Microsoft ADO Data Control 6.0 (OLE DB) using server-side cursors. It has the capability of supporting nondeferred updates, inserts, and deletes. Additionally, it implements a storage class, which interfaces with a custom database.

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