Logging Support in System.IO.Log

The System.IO.Log namespace defines an interface for logging to a record-oriented sequential I/O system. Using the classes from this namespace, you can implement your own diagnostic logging or transaction processing system to achieve transactional durability. For example, you can implement a recovery log that contains the details of all the modifications you perform on a resource, and the details of the transactions that performed each modification. When a communication line fails or a faulty application leaves unresolved transactions, the log records can be used to roll back the modifications made by an incomplete transaction. By doing so, the integrity of the resource is protected and the transaction is fully recovered.

The namepsace also provides an implementation of this interface that uses a simple file-based log, and an alternative implementation that uses the Common Log File System (CLFS) provided by Windows Server 2003 R2 and Windows Vista.

In This Section

Simple File Log System

Describes the FileRecordSequence type that is a record sequence based on a single log file in the file system. It is a simple implementation of the IRecordSequence interface, on top of a simple file-based log.

Common Logging File System

Describes the LogRecordSequence type, which provides an implementation of the record sequence interface on top of a Common Log File System (CLFS) log.

Adding Logging Capabilities to an Application

Demonstrates how you can add logging to your application.

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