IContact Interface

Do not use. Defines methods for reading and writing properties for a single contact.

IContact Members

CommitChanges Saves changes made to this contact to the contact file.
GetContactID Retrieves the local computer unique contact ID.
GetPath Retrieves the file system path used to load this contact.


Classes that implement this interface often also implement these interfaces:

  • IPersistFile: Enables the contact to be loaded from a file. Use this interface when loading a contact to get full support in IContact::CommitChanges to change conflict detection.
  • IPersistStream: Provides methods for saving and loading objects that use a simple serial stream for their storage needs.
  • IPersistStreamInit: Enables the contact to be saved or loaded from a stream. Use IPersistStreamInit::InitNew to create a new IContact. Note: loading a contact with IPersistStream does not give you the locking and conflict detection that IPersistFile::Load and IContact::CommitChanges do.
  • IContactProperties: Enables manipulation of contact properties.

Interface Information

Stock Implementation wab32.dll version 6.0 or later
Custom Implementation No
Inherits from IUnKnown
Header and IDL files contact.h, icontact.idl
Minimum operating systems Windows Vista