br element 

Specifies that a line break should occur at the specified location in the rendered content.

Element Information

Element type: xsd:complexType


Schema name: Simple Content Format

Elements and Attributes

Parent Elements

content element

item element

txt element

Child Elements





A br element can also be nested within other elements. For example, the point where a br element has been inserted, may itself be within a content element, within an item element (interspersed with the text that constitutes a menu item), or within a txt element.

Usage Example

The following code example adds space after each line of text in a media player menu.

    <content id="200" title="Now Playing" bg="50" bgfit="s" menuid="1000">
        <txt align="c" wrap="0"><em>Song Title</em></txt>
        <txt align="c" wrap="0">Song Artist</txt>
        <txt align="c" wrap="0">00:00:00</txt>
        <img align="l" id="16" alt="[Album Cover]" />

Schema Definition

The following schema defines the br element as a complex type.

<xsd:element name="br">
    <xsd:complexType />

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