body element 

Specifies the beginning and end of the document

Element Information

Element type: xsd:complexType


Schema name: Simple Content Format

Elements and Attributes

Parent Elements


Child Elements

content element

dialog element

menu element




The body element is the top-level element in a Simple Content Format XML specification. It uses the TopLevel group element to specify the choice between its three potential child elements: content, dialog, and menu. The child elements are mutually exclusive; a body element can have only one child element.

Usage Example

The following example code displays a menu on the screen of a Windows SideShow-compatible device.

    <menu id="100" title="Main Menu">
        <item id="1" target="5" imgid="1" menuid="200">Media</ item>
        <item id="2" target="6" imgid="2" def="1">Calendar</item>
        <item id="3" Target="7">E-mail</item>
        <item id="4" Target="8" enable="0">Settings</item>

Schema Definition

The following schema defines the body element and the TopLevel group.

<xsd:element name="body">
        <xsd:group ref="TopLevel" />
<xsd:group name="TopLevel">
        <xsd:element ref="content" />
        <xsd:element ref="menu" />
        <xsd:element ref="dialog" />

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