Simulator for Windows SideShow 

Simulator for Windows SideShow

The Microsoft Windows Software Development Kit includes a simulator for a Windows SideShow-compatible device built on the Microsoft firmware solution. This simulator runs the same firmware as do the devices that are powered by the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework. The simulator is located in the following directory: <Windows SDK Install Folder>\Bin.


The following steps will guide you through the installation process.

  1. Open an elevated command prompt. (Click the Start menu, point to All Programs,point to Accessories, right-click Command Prompt, and then select Run as administrator.)
  2. Navigate to the directory <Windows SDK Install Folder>\Bin.
  3. Run the command WindowsSideShowVirtualDevice.exe /regserver.


You perform this step only once per machine.

Launching the Simulator

1. Open an SDK command prompt.

2. Run <Windows SDK Install Folder>\Bin\VirtualSideShow.exe.


The Simulator requires Administrator privileges to run.

3. To close the simulator, right-click the simulator window, and then click Close.

Note   The simulator is supported only on Windows Vista.

Simulator command-line options

The Simulator accepts two optional command line parameters:

[ <ID> [ disconnect | uninstall ] ]

The <ID> parameter is used when running multiple instances of the simulator at the same time. To differentiate between instances, use a unique unsigned integer. The name of the simulator window and the device will be "Windows SideShow Simulator - <ID>". The default ID is 0.

The disconnect and uninstall parameters affect how the simulator shuts down. The disconnect option specifies that the device should appear as disconnected when the simulator is closed. This means that the next time the simulator is run with the same <ID> parameter, all of its previous settings will be persisted. This is the default behavior. The uninstall option specifies that when the simulator is closed, the corresponding device is uninstalled from the system. The next time the simulator is run with the same <ID> parameter, it will reinstall as if it is a new device.