IWMSACLCheckAdmin Object (Visual Basic .NET)

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IWMSACLCheckAdmin Object (Visual Basic .NET)

You can use the IWMSACLCheckAdmin object to retrieve an IWMSAccessControlList object containing a collection of IWMSAccessControlEntry objects. IWMSAccessControlEntry objects specify read and write permissions for a publishing point or file system.

The IWMSACLCheckAdmin object exposes the following property.

Property Description
AccessControlList Retrieves an IWMSAccessControlList object containing a collection of access control entries.

Example Code

The following example illustrates how to retrieve an IWMSACLCheckAdmin object.

Imports Microsoft.WindowsMediaServices.Interop
Imports System.Runtime.InteropServices

Private Sub RetrieveObj()

    ' Declare variables.
    Dim Server As WMSServer
    Dim Plugin As IWMSPlugin
    Dim ACLCheckAdmin As IWMSACLCheckAdmin

    ' Create the WMSServer object.
    Server = New WMSServer()

    ' Retrieve the plug-in to be configured.
    Plugin = Server.EventHandlers.Item( _
         "WMS Publishing Points ACL Authorization")

    ' Retrieve the custom interface of the plug-in.
    ACLCheckAdmin = Plugin.CustomInterface

Catch excCom As COMException
    ' TODO: Handle COM exceptions.
Catch exc As Exception
    ' TODO: Handle errors.
    ' TODO: Clean-up code goes here.
End Try

End Sub

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