WebSiteProperties.VsWebServerPort Property


Gets or sets the current port number for the ASP.NET Development Server.

Namespace:   VsWebSite
Assembly:  VsWebSite.Interop (in VsWebSite.Interop.dll)


ushort VsWebServerPort { get; set; }
property unsigned short VsWebServerPort {
    unsigned short get();
    void set(unsigned short value);
abstract VsWebServerPort : uint16 with get, set
Property VsWebServerPort As UShort

Property Value

Type: System.UInt16

The current port number for the Web server if the Web site is configured to use the ASP.NET Development Server and if the EnableVsWebServer property is true; otherwise, 0 (zero).


If the ASP.NET Development Server is configured to use dynamic ports, the value of the VsWebServerPort property could change. Setting this property may have unexpected results if the specified port is already in use.


For an example of reading and setting late-bound properties, see WebSiteProperties.

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