AVEncVideoOutputFrameRate Property

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

AVEncVideoOutputFrameRate Property

Specifies the frame rate on the encoder's output stream, in frames per second.

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Possible Values

The value of this property is a ratio that defines the frame rate. The upper 32 bits contain the numerator, and the lower 32 bits contain the denominator. The following table shows common frame rates, in frames per second.

Frame rate Ratio
23.97 24000/1001
24 24/1
25 25/1
29.97 30000/1001
30 30/1
50 50/1
59.94 60000/1001
60 60/1


This property is read/write.

Applications can set this property to specify the output frame rate. Encoders can also return this property as a capability. Depending on the encoder, the value might be restricted to the input frame rate. If not, the encoder is able to convert the frame rate internally. See AVEncVideoOutputFrameRateConversion Property.


Header: Include codecapi.h.

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