BDA Network Provider Filter

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

BDA Network Provider Filter

The BDA Network Provider is the source filter for any digital television filter graph based on Microsoft Broadcast Driver Architecture (BDA). The following Network Provider filters are available:

Network Provider CLSID
Microsoft ATSC Network Provider CLSID_ATSCNetworkProvider
Microsoft DVB-C Network Provider CLSID_DVBCNetworkProvider
Microsoft DVB-S Network Provider CLSID_DVBSNetworkProvider
Microsoft DVB-T Network Provider CLSID_DVBTNetworkProvider

The information in the following table applies to all of these filters:

Filter Interfaces IBaseFilter, IBDA_EthernetFilter, IBDA_NetworkProvider, IBDA_TIF_REGISTRATION, IBDA_IPV4Filter, IBDA_IPV6Filter, IFrequencyMap, IMPEG2_TIF_CONTROL, IScanningTuner, ITuner
Input Pin Media Types Not applicable.
Input Pin Interfaces Not applicable.
Output Pin Media Types Major type: KSDATAFORMAT_TYPE_BDA_ANTENNA
Output Pin Interfaces IPin, IQualityControl
Filter CLSID See previous table.


The Network Provider acts as the default tuner in a BDA filter graph, by exposing the ITuner interface. No signals or data actually pass through this filter. It works closely with the Transport Information Filter (TIF) and the MPEG-2 Demultiplexer to acquire transport streams and route the elementary stream to the appropriate downstream filters.

If you are creating a digital TV graph manually (rather than using the Video Control), use CoCreateInstance and IFilterGraph::AddFilter to add this filter to the graph. The ICaptureGraphBuilder2 interface does not automatically add this filter to the graph.

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