Microsoft DirectShow 9.0


  • Note   This interface is deprecated. New applications should not use it.

The OpenMoniker method opens a file or device moniker; you can read media data from this moniker if DirectShow supports the moniker.


  HRESULT OpenMoniker(
  IBindCtx *pCtx,
  IMoniker *pMoniker,
  DWORD dwFlags



[in] Pointer to the bind context associated with the moniker.


[in] Pointer to an IMoniker interface that specifies the moniker you want to open.


[in] Value that modifies how the filter graph will render the specified file. This value is a combination of one or more of the following flags.

Value Description
AMMSF_NOCLOCK Run the stream with no clock.
AMMSF_NORENDER Open the file, but do not render any streams. This flag should always be accompanied with the AMMSF_RUN flag.
AMMSF_RENDERALLSTREAMS Render all streams, including those that do not have an existing media stream.
AMMSF_RENDERTOEXISTING Only render to existing streams.
AMMSF_RUN Set the stream into the run state.

Return Values

Returns S_OK if successful or E_INVALIDARG if the dwFlags parameter is invalid.

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