ICaptureGraphBuilder2 Interface

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

ICaptureGraphBuilder2 Interface

The ICaptureGraphBuilder2 interface builds capture graphs and other custom filter graphs. The Capture Graph Builder object implements this interface.

  • **Note   **By default, the ICaptureGraphBuilder2 interface does not use the Video Mixing Renderer (VMR), Enhanced Video Renderer (EVR) or Video Port Manager filters.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the ICaptureGraphBuilder2 interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
AllocCapFile Preallocates a capture file to a specified size.
ControlStream Sets the start and stop times for one or more streams of captured data.
CopyCaptureFile Copies the valid media data from a capture file.
FindInterface Searches the graph for a specified interface, starting from a specified filter.
FindPin Retrieves a particular pin on a filter, or determines whether a given pin matches the specified criteria.
GetFiltergraph Retrieves the filter graph that the builder is using.
RenderStream Connects an output pin on a source filter to a rendering filter, optionally through a compression filter.
SetFiltergraph Specifies a filter graph for the capture graph builder to use.
SetOutputFileName Creates the file writing section of the filter graph.


Header: Declared in Strmif.h; include Dshow.h.

Library: Use Strmiids.lib.

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