Using the DirectShow Base Classes

Microsoft DirectShow 9.0

Using the DirectShow Base Classes

To use the base classes in Microsoft® DirectShow®, you must build and link the base class library.

The base class library is provided as a sample. The exact location depends on the version of the SDK that you have installed, but the relative path is:

(SDK samples root)\DirectShow\BaseClasses

Header: Streams.h

Library: The sample builds retail and debug versions of the library:

  • Retail version: Strmbase.lib
  • Debug version: Strmbasd.lib.

For more information on setting up your build environment, see Setting Up the Build Environment.

Preprocessor Symbols

When you include the header file Streams.h, the following preprocessor symbols have special meaning:

  • PERF: Reserved. Do not use this preprocessor symbol.
  • VFWROBUST: Enables pointer validation in retail. For more information, see Pointer Validation Macros. In debug builds, it is not necessary to define VFWROBUST.
    • Note:   In Windows Vista and later, the pointer validation macros are empty.