DMO Enumerated Types

This section describes the Microsoft DirectX Media Object (DMO) enumerated types.

Enumerated type Description
DMO_ENUM_FLAGS Defines flags that specify search criteria when enumerating DMOs.
DMO_INPUT_DATA_BUFFER_FLAGS Defines flags that describe an input buffer.
DMO_INPUT_STREAM_INFO_FLAGS Defines flags that describe an input stream.
DMO_OUTPUT_DATA_BUFFER_FLAGS Defines flags that describe an output buffer.
DMO_OUTPUT_STREAM_INFO_FLAGS Defines flags that describe an output stream.
DMO_PROCESS_OUTPUT_FLAGS Defines flags that specify output processing requests.
DMO_REGISTER_FLAGS Defines flags that specify registry information for a DMO.
DMO_SET_TYPE_FLAGS Defines flags for setting the media type on a stream.
DMO_VIDEO_OUTPUT_STREAM_FLAGS Defines flags that describe requested features for video optimizations.
MP_CURVE_TYPE Defines the curve that a media parameter follows within an envelope segment.
MP_TYPE Specifies the data type for a parameter.

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