DSoundHelper.GetObjectFromInterfaceGuid(IntPtr,Guid,Object) Method (Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound)

Retrieves an object based on an interface globally unique identifier (GUID).


Visual Basic Public Shared Function GetObjectFromInterfaceGuid( _
    ByVal lpVal As IntPtrLeave Site, _
    ByVal iid As GuidLeave Site, _
    ByVal source As Object _
) As Object
C# public static object GetObjectFromInterfaceGuid(
    IntPtrLeave Site lpVal,
    GuidLeave Site iid,
    object source
C++ public:
static ObjectLeave SiteGetObjectFromInterfaceGuid(
    IntPtrLeave Site lpVal,
    GuidLeave Site iid,
    ObjectLeave Sitesource
JScript public static function GetObjectFromInterfaceGuid(
    lpVal : IntPtrLeave Site,
    iid : GuidLeave Site,
    source : ObjectLeave Site
) : ObjectLeave Site;


lpVal System.IntPtr
The pointer to the unmanaged Component Object Model (COM) interface of the requested object.
iid System.Guid
The interface GUID of the requested object.
source System.Object
The parent object of the requested object (see Remarks).

Return Value

Returns the object that is requested.


The source parameter is the requested object's parent object. As an example, if you are requesting a SecondaryBuffer object, you would pass the Device object to this method using the source parameter.