Using Gestures

Using Gestures

Overview of using gestures.

The Tablet PC platform provides the Microsoft gesture recognizer for supporting application gestures. For a list of gestures supported by the Microsoft® gesture recognizer, see the table of application gestures in the ApplicationGesture enumeration. The Tablet PC also supports system gestures. For a list of system gestures supported by the Tablet PC, see the table of system gestures in the SystemGesture enumeration.

You can employ the Microsoft gesture recognizer by using the CollectionMode property of the InkCollector object, the InkOverlay object, or the InkPicture control. Setting the CollectionMode property to InkAndGesture (mixed mode) or GestureOnly (gesture-only mode) passes ink to the Microsoft gesture recognizer by default. You can employ the Microsoft gesture recognizer with the InkEdit control by setting the InkMode property to InkAndGesture. You can also use gesture recognition with the RealTimeStylus object by adding a GestureRecognizer object to one of its plug-in collections.

However, if the gestures that you want to use are not supported by the current version of the Microsoft gesture recognizer, you can build your own recognizer and use it in conjunction with the Microsoft gesture recognizer. This allows full support for the gestures in your application.

Note: To recognize gestures, you must use an object or control that can collect ink.

For more information about using a tablet pen for input, see Making Windows Work with a Pen.