Spin Box Control

A spin box control is a combination of a Windows CE list box control and the associated Windows CE up-down control and is designed specifically for Windows Mobile-based Smartphones. The up-down control arrows enable the user to increment or decrement a value in an associated control.

On Windows Mobile-based Smartphones, a spin box control allows a user to make a selection from a list by scrolling left and right. The following illustration shows an example of the spin box control.

Note   The standard Windows CE list box messages can be used to communicate with the list box control. For information about these messages, see List Boxes Messages.

The following table lists the Windows CE styles you apply to the up-down box control to create the spin box control. For an example of how to apply these styles, see How to: Create a Spin Box Control.

Style Description
UDS_ALIGNRIGHT Positions the up-down control next to the right edge of the buddy control. The width of the buddy control is decreased to accommodate the width of the up-down control.
UDS_EXPANDABLE Expands the spin box control to a full screen when the user presses the Action key. The standard full screen has a default title. You can specify an alternate title in the up-down control.
UDS_NOSCROLL Does not display the up, down, left, or right arrow keys. You must use the UDS_NOSCROLL style with the UDS_EXPANDABLE style so that the user can select data. Do not use the UDS_NOSCROLL style with the UDS_HORZ style.
UDS_HORZ Replaces the up and down arrows with left and right arrows.
UDS_SETBUDDYINT Causes the list box to scroll the items in the list.
UDS_WRAP Enables the user to continue to cycle through the list.

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