CustomForce Structure (Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput)

Contains type-specific information for effects that are marked as DIEFT_CUSTOMFORCE.The structure describes a custom or user-defined force.A reference to a Dicustomforce structure for an effect is passed in the lpvTypeSpecificParams member of the Dieffect structure.


Visual Basic Public Structure CustomForce
C# public struct CustomForce 
C++ public value class CustomForce sealed 
JScript In JScript, you can use structures, but you cannot define your own.

Members Table

The following table lists the members exposed by the object.


Method Description
CustomForce Initializes a new instance of the object.
ToString Obtains a string representation of the current instance.


Property Description
Channels Number of channels (axes) affected by this force. The first channel is applied to the first axis associated with the effect, the second to the second, and so on. If there are fewer channels than axes, nothing is associated with the extra axes.If there is only a single channel, the effect is rotated in the direction specified by the rglDirection member of the Dieffect structure. If there is more than one channel, rotation is not allowed.Not all devices support rotation of custom effects.
SamplePeriod Sample period, in microseconds.
Samples Total number of samples in the RglForceData. It must be an integral multiple of the CChannels.

Structure Information

Namespace Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput
Assembly Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput (microsoft.directx.directinput.dll)
Strong Name Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput,  Version=1.0.900.0,  Culture=neutral,  PublicKeyToken=d3231b57b74a1492