Condition.NegativeSaturation Property (Microsoft.DirectX.DirectInput)

Maximum force output on the negative side of the offset, in the range from 0 through 10,000.If the device does not support force saturation, the value of this member is ignored.If the device does not support separate positive and negative saturation, the value of DwNegativeSaturation is ignored, and the value of DwPositiveSaturation is used as both the positive and negative saturation.


Visual Basic Public Property NegativeSaturation As Integer
C# public int NegativeSaturation { get; set; }
C++ public:
property int NegativeSaturation {
        int get();
        void set(int value);
JScript public function get NegativeSaturation() : int
public function set NegativeSaturation(int);

Property Value


This property is read/write.