InkX Control Constants

The following are key constants used in support of the RichInk window.

#define WC_INKXA   "InkX"
#define WC_INKXW L"InkX"

#ifdef UNICODE
 #define WC_INKX  WC_INKXW
 #define WC_INKX  WC_INKXA


By default, the InkX control has a VoiceBar that appears at the top of the control. Using the following window styles can change this. Do not use the OR operator to combine these styles together.

#define IS_NOVOICEBAR     0x0200  // Do not create a VoiceBar
#define IS_BOTTOMVOICEBAR   0x0400  // VoiceBar appears at bottom of the control


Pocket PC: Windows Mobile 2000 and later
OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later
Header: inkx.h
Library: inkx.lib

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