InkX Control Messages

The following messages are used with the InkX control.

Message Description
IM_CLEARALL Erases all contents from the current Compose window.
IM_GETDATA Retrieves the specified data.
IM_GETDATALEN Returns the length of the specified data.
IM_GETRICHINK Gets the window handle to the RichInk control.
IM_REINIT Erases all contents from the current Compose window. (This is the same as IM_CLEARALL)
IM_SETDATA Sets the specified data.
IM_VOICEBAR Used to hide or show the Voice bar.
IM_VOICE_STOP Causes the Voice bar to halt playback or recording, if either is in progress.
IM_VOICE_PLAY If an embedded voice object is currently selected, this will force a replay of that selected object.
IM_VOICE_RECORD This will begin recording to an inline embedded object.
IM_RECORDING Returns TRUE if currently recording.
IM_VOICE_PLAYING Returns TRUE if currently playing voice data.
szHotRecording Sent to the top-level window whenever the voice hotkey is pressed.

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