SecurityPolicy Configuration Service Provider

Use the SecurityPolicy Configuration Service Provider to configure security policy settings.

Note Access to this Configuration Service Provider is determined by Security roles. Because OEMs and Mobile Operators can selectively disallow access, ask them about the availability of this Configuration Service Provider. For more information, see Security Roles.


Only the root characteristic is available.


  • <policy ID>
    Identifies a security policy. Security Policies are indexed by the decimal representation of the policy ID, which is a DWORD value. The VALUE of the policy is also a DWORD. These policies can only be changed by the manager of the device. For a detailed description of each security policy, see Security Policies and Roles. The following table lists the possible values.

    Value Description
    2 AutoRun Policy.
    4097 RAPI Policy.
    4101 Unsigned .cabs Policy. Smartphone only.
    4102 Unsigned Applications Policy. Smartphone only.
    4103 Unsigned Themes Policy. Smartphone only.
    4104 TPS Policy.
    4105 Message Authentication Policy.
    4107 WAP Signed Message Policy.
    4108 Service Loading Policy. Smartphone only.
    4109 Service Indication Policy. Smartphone only.
    4110 Unauthenticated Messages Policy.
    4111 OTA Management Policy.
    4112 WDP Push Policy. Smartphone only.
    4113 WSP Push Policy.
    4119 Grant Manager Policy.
    4120 Grant User Authenticated Policy.
    4122 UnsignedPrompt Policy. Smartphone only.
    4123 PrivilegedApps Policy. Smartphone only.

    The following table shows the default settings.

    Permissions Read/Write
    Data type Integer
    Roles allowed to query and update setting Manager


Elements Available
parm-query Yes
noparm Yes. If this is used, then the policy is set to 0 by default (corresponding to the most restrictive of policy values).
nocharacteristic No
characteristic-query No

For information about specific elements, see MSPROV DTD Elements.

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