VertexElement.VertexElement(Int16,Int16,DeclarationType,DeclarationMethod,DeclarationUsage,Byte) Constructor (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Initializes a new instance of the VertexElement class.


Visual Basic Public Sub New( _
    ByVal stream As Short, _
    ByVal offset As Short, _
    ByVal declType As DeclarationType, _
    ByVal declMethod As DeclarationMethod, _
    ByVal declUsage As DeclarationUsage, _
    ByVal usageIndex As Byte _
C# public VertexElement(
    short stream,
    short offset,
    DeclarationType declType,
    DeclarationMethod declMethod,
    DeclarationUsage declUsage,
    byte usageIndex
C++ public:
    short stream,
    short offset,
    DeclarationType declType,
    DeclarationMethod declMethod,
    DeclarationUsage declUsage,
    unsigned char usageIndex
JScript public function VertexElement(
    stream : short,
    offset : short,
    declType : DeclarationType,
    declMethod : DeclarationMethod,
    declUsage : DeclarationUsage,
    usageIndex : byte


stream System.Int16
Stream number (or index) to use.
offset System.Int16
Offset (if any) from the beginning of the stream to the beginning of the vertex data.
declType Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.DeclarationType
A DeclarationType enumeration value specifying one of several predefined types that define the vertex data size.
declMethod Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.DeclarationMethod
A DeclarationMethod enumeration value that specifies the tessellator processing method. These methods determine how the tessellator interprets/operates on the vertex data.
declUsage Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.DeclarationUsage
A DeclarationUsage enumeration value that defines the intended use of the vertex data.
usageIndex System.Byte
Modifies the usage data to allow the user to specify multiple usage types.


Vertex data is defined using an array of VertexElement structures. The size of the array includes the VertexDeclarationEnd field, which ends the declaration. The inclusion of this field means that the array count is actually higher than the number of valid vertex elements by one.