GDI Messages

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The following table shows the GDI messages with a description of the purpose of each.

Programming element PPC SP Description
WM_PAINT X X Sent by an application when Windows or another application makes a request to paint a portion of an application's window.
WM_PALETTECHANGED X X Sent by the OS to all top-level and overlapped windows after the window with the keyboard focus realizes its logical palette.
WM_QUERYNEWPALETTE X X Informs a window that it is about to receive the keyboard focus, giving the window the opportunity to realize its logical palette when it receives the focus.
WM_SETREDRAW X X Is sent by an application to a window to enable changes in that window to be redrawn or to prevent changes in that window from being redrawn.
WM_SYSCOLORCHANGE X X Is sent to all top-level windows when a change is made to a system color setting.

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