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The IMAPIContainer interface manages high-level operations on container objects such as folders.

Methods in Vtable Order

IMAPIContainer methods Description
GetContentsTable Returns a pointer to the container's contents table.
GetHierarchyTable Returns a pointer to the container's hierarchy table.
OpenEntry Opens an object within the container, returning an interface pointer for further access.
SetSearchCriteria Not supported — do not use.
GetSearchCriteria Not supported — do not use.


IMAPIContainer, implemented by message store providers and remote transport providers, is called by client applications and is exposed by folder objects. No object exposes this interface directly. The interface identifier for IMAPIContainer is IID_IMAPIContainer, and the pointer type is LPMAPICONTAINER.

The IMAPIFolder interface inherits IMAPIContainer.


Pocket PC: Pocket PC 2002 and later
Smartphone: Smartphone 2002 and later
OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later
Header: mapidefs.h
Library: cemapi.lib

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