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Use the lineGetHSCSDCaps function to get the High Speed Circuit Switched Data (HSCSD) device capabilities. The operator may or may not support HSCSD, so values obtained from calling this function do not necessarily reflect that an HSCSD connection is possible.

  HLINE hLine,
  LPDWORD lpdwClass,
  LPDWORD lpdwChannelsIn,
  LPDWORD lpdwChannelsOut,
  LPDWORD lpdwChannelsSum,
  LPDWORD lpdwChannelCodings


  • hLine
    The line device handle. The line device handle must have been previously obtained by a call to lineOpen with the proper TAPI device ID specified and a device-specific extension version successfully negotiated with lineNegotiateExtVersion. For more information about lineNegotiateExtVersion and lineOpen, see the TAPI Functions API Reference topics on MSDN.
  • lpdwClass
    Points to a DWORD indicating the multi-slot class of the device. Refer to GSM specification 05.02 "Digital cellular telecommunications system (Phase 2+); Multiplexing and multiple access on the radio path" for possible values and meanings. See the Equipment States constants for possible values.
  • lpdwChannelsIn
    Points to a DWORD indicating the maximum number of downstream radio channels.
  • lpdwChannelsOut
    Points to a DWORD indicating the maximum number of upstream radio channels.
  • lpdwChannelsSum
    Points to a DWORD indicating the maximum number of upstream and downstream slots usable in a single timeframe.
  • lpdwChannelCodings
    Points to a DWORD indicating the possible per-channel speeds at which the Windows Mobile-based device could communicate with the network. See the Channel Rates constants for possible values.

Return Values

Returns zero if the function completes successfully, or a negative error number if an error occurs. The following are possible return values:



This function is synchronous. No LINE_REPLY message is sent. Not implemented for CDMA.


Pocket PC: Pocket PC 2002 and later.
Smartphone: Smartphone 2002 and later.
OS Versions: Windows CE 3.0 and later.
Header: Extapi.h.
Library: Cellcore.lib.

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