Player6.CurrentMarker (deprecated)

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This page documents a feature of the Windows Media Player 6.4 ActiveX control. We recommend that you migrate your content to use the Windows Media Player 9 Series ActiveX control. For more information about the Windows Media Player 9 Series ActiveX control, see the Windows Media Player 9 Series SDK.

This property specifies or retrieves the current marker number.



Possible Values

This property is a read/write Long with a default value of zero.


Before attempting to set this property, determine whether a file has markers and their number by using the MarkerCount property. If a file has no markers, setting CurrentMarker to anything but zero results in an error. Setting CurrentMarker to a number higher than MarkerCount also results in an error.

CurrentMarker always returns the current or last marker, which means the actual file position can be either at the current marker or before the next marker. Markers are numbered beginning at 1, so if a file has markers, you can set CurrentMarker to zero to change the file position to zero.

Before FileName is set, CurrentMarker returns zero.


Version: Windows Media Player version 6.4.

Library: Use msdxm.ocx.

Platform: Windows 98 Second Edition or higher.

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