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Windows Mobile-based devices include a messaging subsystem that enables them to be used for sending, receiving, storing, and manipulating e-mail and SMS text messages. Microsoft's messaging client application, Messaging (formerly named Inbox), provides the user interface for creating and reading messages, and for accessing and manipulating the message items contained in local and remote message stores. The Windows Mobile version of the Messaging API (MAPI) is a COM-based library that provides programmatic access to all of this functionality, and more. It mirrors the Exchange Server version of MAPI, but covers a smaller scope of functionality to accommodate the practical constraints of mobile devices.

In This Section

  • Messaging Application Development for Windows Mobile-based Devices
    Covers the background information about the Messaging subsystem, the Messaging Application, and the Messaging API (MAPI). Explains SMTP servers, message stores, messaging transports, messaging accounts, configuration, and customization. This section also contains a comprehensive set of "How to" topics that demonstrate the steps in creating a MAPI-based application.
  • Messaging API (MAPI)
    Provides reference information on the interfaces, enumerations, constants, and flags, that make up the Messaging API (MAPI).
  • Messaging Sample Code
    Lists the MAPI-related code samples that ship with the Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC and Smartphone SDKs — each of which demonstrates a particular aspect of MAPI functionality.
  • Pocket Outlook Object Model (POOM)
    POOM is a COM-based library that provides programmatic access to Outlook Mobile data items. It provides an object-oriented framework for creating, modifying, and displaying appointment, task, and contact items — and for manipulating the folders that contain them.

Note   Outlook Mobile uses the messaging subsystem to send meeting requests, and to assign tasks to recipients.

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