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This code sample is named AppointmentOverSms. The application uses custom controls to pick an Appointment and a Contact, then send a meeting request to the Contact over SMS. The application also intercepts meeting requests, and prompts the user.

The custom controls used by the application are List-View Controls that access contacts and appointments on the mobile device using Managed POOM. These List-Views have good performance since they access only those items that need to be displayed, and they draw their own content.

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To run the code sample

  1. Navigate to the solution file (*.sln), and double-click it. By default, the solution file is copied to the following folder:

    C:\Program Files\Windows CE Tools\wce500\Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK\Samples\Cs\AppointmentOverSms\AppointmentOverSms.sln

    Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 launches and loads the solution.

  2. Build the solution (Ctrl+Shift+B).

  3. Deploy the solution (F5).


Pocket PC SDK: Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC SDK.
Smartphone SDK: Windows Mobile 5.0 Smartphone SDK.
Development Environment: Visual Studio 2005.
ActiveSync: Version 4.0.

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