PatchMesh.Tessellate(Single,Mesh) Method (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Performs uniform tessellation based on the tessellation level.


Visual Basic Public Sub Tessellate( _
    ByVal tessLevel As Single, _
    ByVal mesh As Mesh _
C# public void Tessellate(
    float tessLevel,
    Mesh mesh
C++ public:
void Tessellate(
    float tessLevel,
JScript public function Tessellate(
    tessLevel : float,
    mesh : Mesh


tessLevel System.Single
Tessellation level. This is the number of vertices introduced between existing vertices. The range of this floating-point parameter is between 0 and 32.
mesh Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D.Mesh
Resulting tessellated mesh. For more information, see Mesh.


This method performs most efficiently if the patch mesh is optimized using PatchMesh.Optimize.



The method call is invalid. For example, a method's parameter might contain an invalid value.

OutOfMemoryExceptionLeave Site

Microsoft Direct3D could not allocate sufficient memory to complete the call.