Line.DrawTransform(Vector3[],Matrix,Int32) Method (Microsoft.DirectX.Direct3D)

Draws a line strip in screen space with a specified input transformation matrix.


Visual Basic Public Sub DrawTransform( _
    ByVal vertexList() As Vector3, _
    ByVal transform As Matrix, _
    ByVal color As Integer _
C# public void DrawTransform(
    Vector3[] vertexList,
    Matrix transform,
    int color
C++ public:
void DrawTransform(
    array<Vector3>^ vertexList,
    Matrix transform,
    int color
JScript public function DrawTransform(
    vertexList : Vector3[],
    transform : Matrix,
    color : int


vertexList Microsoft.DirectX.Vector3[]
Array of vertices that make up the line. For more information, see Vector2.
transform Microsoft.DirectX.Matrix
Scale, rotate, and translate (SRT) matrix for transforming the points. For more information, see Matrix. If this matrix is a projection matrix, any stippled lines are drawn with a perspective-correct stippling pattern. Or, vertices can be transformed and Line.Draw used to draw the line with a stipple pattern and no perspective correction.
color System.Int32
An Int32Leave Site color value that specifies the color of the line.




The method call is invalid. For example, a method's parameter might contain an invalid value.


The data is invalid.

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