The GetVideoPortInputFormats callback function fills in the specified array with all of the formats that the video port can accept and puts that number in the dwNumFormats member of the DDHAL_GETVPORTINPUTFORMATDATA structure. If lpddpfFormat is NULL, it only fills in dwNumFormats with the number of formats that it can support. This function is needed because the supported formats may vary depending on the electrical connection of the video port. This callback is required.

DWORD __stdcall GetVideoPortInputFormats(


Return Values

Returns one of the following values:



If the dwFlags member of the DDHAL_GETVPORTINPUTFORMATDATA structure is set only to DDVPFORMAT_VIDEO, the HAL should return only those formats that are supported for the normal video data. If dwFlags is set only to DDVPFORMAT_VBI, the HAL should return only those formats supported for the VBI data. If dwFlags is set to both flags, the HAL should return all formats supported by the video port.

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