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This section provides links to topics that contain information about server technologies and services that are supported in Windows Mobile software.

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  • Services.exe
    Provides information about Services.exe, which is a process that supplements the Device.exe process. Running services in Services.exe decreases the likelihood of a system failure in the event of a service crash. Services.exe also provides enhanced loading capabilities such as support for starting, pausing, and stopping services.
  • Object Exchange Protocol
    Provides a compact binary protocol that works with Bluetooth and IrDA to enable a wide range of devices to exchange data in a simple and efficient manner, such as getting business card information or pushing a file to another device.
  • RAS Server/PPTP Server (Incoming) Reference
    Provides information about the RAS Server/PPTP Server (Incoming) functionality in Windows Mobile. This functionality provides support for a Remote Access Service (RAS) server. You can use RAS in any computing environment that has a wide area network (WAN) or a virtual private network (VPN).
  • Optional Server Components
    Provides information about the optional server components. To use these components on a Windows Mobile-based device, you must install the CAB files on the device.

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