Direct3D Structures

This section contains information about the structures used with Microsoft® Direct3D®.

Programming element Description
D3DADAPTER_IDENTIFIER8 Identifies the adapter.
D3DBOX Defines a volume.
D3DCAPS8 Represents the capabilities of the hardware exposed through the Direct3D object.
D3DCLIPSTATUS8 Describes the current clip status.
D3DCOLORVALUE Describes color values.
D3DDEVICE_CREATION_PARAMETERS Describes the creation parameters for a device.
D3DDISPLAYMODE Describes the display mode.
D3DGAMMARAMP Contains red, green, and blue ramp data.
D3DINDEXBUFFER_DESC Describes an index buffer.
D3DLIGHT8 Defines a set of lighting properties.
D3DLINEPATTERN Describes a line pattern.
D3DLOCKED_RECT Describes a locked rectangular region.
D3DMATERIAL8 Specifies material properties.
D3DMATRIX Describes a matrix.
D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS Describes the presentation parameters.
D3DRANGE Defines a range.
D3DRASTER_STATUS Describes the raster status.
D3DRECT Defines a rectangle.
D3DSURFACE_DESC Describes a surface.
D3DVECTOR Defines a vector.
D3DVERTEXBUFFER_DESC Describes a vertex buffer.
D3DVIEWPORT8 Defines the window dimensions of a render target surface onto which a 3-D volume projects.

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