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This interface represents a connected Microsoft® Windows® CE–based remote device. The interface provides methods for obtaining information about the device and about the connection between the device and desktop. Most importantly, the CreateSession method obtains a reference to an IRAPISession interface that allows the desktop application to make Remote API 2 calls on the remote device.

A reference to this interface can be obtained by using the IRAPIDesktop or the interface.

Note   With pre-Windows CE 5.0-based devices, the device object is not invalidated when the device disconnects and reconnects. For this reason, applications should use the IRAPISink:IUnknown interface to receive connect and disconnect notifications and release the existing device object and create a new one accordingly.


The following table shows the methods for this interface in alphabetical order. Like all COM interfaces, this interface inherits the methods for the IUnknown interface.

Method Description
CreateSession Creates an IRAPISession object that can be used to make Remote API calls.
GetConnectionInfo Retrieves information about the connection between the remote device and the desktop.
GetConnectStat Retrieves the connection status of a remote device.
GetDeviceInfo Retrieves information about the remote device.


OS Versions: Windows CE 5.01 and later.
Header: Rapi2.h.
Link Library: Ole32.lib, Rapiuuid.lib.

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